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Sword of Damocles
Captain’s log, SD 230307.269 Returning to Galileo, Ops detected an
Keeping up with the Cardassians
Captain's log, Stardate 230128.443 A federation Comms relay station went
Intelligence Log 230208
Intelligence log - USS Feynman Recommendation - Security for all
Intelligence Log 230130
Intelligence log - USS Feynman The ship had to deal
Kim and the Cardassians
Captain's Log: Stardate 230205.444 What started as a routine mission
Captain's Log | SD130129.336   Crew Manifest: Captain – Alia
Intel Log SD230116
Lascioux System USS Feynmann detected a beacon signal coming from
Personal log SD230115
Sitting in the transit lounge, I had time to think
The Blackness of Space
Personal Log SD230127.34   On our long flight to Sarlea
Nila sh’Varess: SD230116
Personal log SD230116   Nila sh’Varess, Personal log: Stardate 230116.
Dust to dust | SD230116
Crew Manifest: Captain – Alia Soulstar XO – Breydon Lane