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USS Einstein “Warp Trail” Mission 240422

We were still recovering from our XO T'Preea having been abducted by a Klingon Bird of Prey
Science had however managed to isolate the warp signature of the Bird of Prey and pass it on to Helm
From the information gathered by Science, Helm was able to set a course to follow the Bird of Prey's warp trail.
The warp trail led us to the Xantippe system.
Scans showed that Xantippe IV was the only class M planet in the system.
We therefore headed for Xantippe IV
On our arrival, Tactical reported that there was no sign of the Bird of Prey
Helm took us in orbit above the planet
Science reported that scans had detected several life signs on the planet.
A subsequent scan for Vulcan life signs showed that there was one - which we felt must be that for T'Preea. 
Unfortunately we were unable to get a Transporter lock on the Vulcan life sign.
We therefore left the Bridge in the hands of our Beta crew.
 Armed with phasers, we went to the Transporter Room, where we prepared ourselves for beaming down to the surface near where we had detected the Vulcan life sign. 
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt. David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Lt Cmdr Slash Goddard - Operations
Lt. May Spring - Science Officer
Lt. Salsa - Tactical Officer
Photos taken by Lt. Salsa

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