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USS Tyson Missions 230317 & 230324
An automated ship carrying ore from a mining colony to the
Kidnap and Sabotage
Mission 230217/24     Whilst on our way to the
Missing Persons – Part 1 – SD230217 .
Crew Manifest Captain - Ellemir Maven Chief Science Officer -
New Japan Mission 230203/10
At the Mission Briefing aboard the USS Tyson, Captain Maven
New Japan – Part 2 – SD230210
Captain’s Log - Capt. Ellemir Maven - SD2302010   Crew
New Japan – Part 1 – SD230203
Captain’s Log - Capt. Ellemir Maven - SD230203 Crew Manifest
New Japan – Away Mission
Stardate 230203 Security Chief T’Mari’s log:   I have just
Prisoner Pickup – 230127
At the Briefing meeting aboard the USS Tyson, Capt Maven
Ganymede Glitch Mission
Chief Science Officer's Log: SD230120 I joined other officers aboard
Prisoner pick up–Personal
Stardate 230128 P'tuh the Great   So  the mission  was
Prisoner Pickup | SD230127
Captain's Log - SD230127 Crew Manifest Captain - Captain Ellemir
Ganymede Glitch SD230120
Captain's Log - Capt. Ellemir Maven - SD230120   Crew
Captain’s Log, USS Tyson
Stardate 230113          I have been ordered to proceed to
You have to be kidding!
Stardate 230111-81   Was this what I signed up for?