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Keeping up with the Cardassians
Captain's log, Stardate 230128.443 A federation Comms relay station went
Chief of Operations Mission Log
Mission Log Commander Oola Quan StarDate 230227   We finally
Not Something You See Everyday
begin log Personal  Log Captain Kes Roffo SD 230227 so
Our first descent to the planet's surface. Such a first
Ircassia X111
    Duty Log: Cmdr. Narek Siva'nek Date: 23840221 U.S.S
Shogun first mission
Personal Log Captain Kes Roffo SD230220. Begin Log So  far 
Missing Persons – Part 1 – SD230217 .
Crew Manifest Captain - Ellemir Maven Chief Science Officer -
The Beginning of the Shogun launch
Most of my day was putting things in order in
Intelligence Log 230208
Intelligence log - USS Feynman Recommendation - Security for all
Intelligence Log 230130
Intelligence log - USS Feynman The ship had to deal
Mission to Kayleigh
Captain's Log SD230216   ***** Begin Log ***** Slowly  we 
uss Shogun mission 2
Chief Operations Log stardate 231602   After arriving on the
New Japan Mission 230203/10
At the Mission Briefing aboard the USS Tyson, Captain Maven
New Japan – Part 2 – SD230210
Captain’s Log - Capt. Ellemir Maven - SD2302010   Crew
Moral Statute Machine
John Spartan, you are fined one credit for a violation