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USS Einstein “Abduction” Mission 240311

At the Command Meeting aboard the USS Einstein, Capt Bravin outlined what had recently happened, in that having received a distress call, we had gone to the aid of a ship, which turned out to be Romulan.
We discovered that there were no crew on board the ship and the distress call was on auto transmit.
Whilst we were still aboard the ship, the USS Einstein received a strange communication saying that we were in extreme danger and that our future depended on immediately going to a specific location.
We had therefore returned  back to the 'Einstein to consider what we should do. 
See USS Einstein "Romulan Distress" Mission 240304
After careful consideration, we decided that we should proceed to the location that we had been given.
We therefore left the Command Room and went to the Bridge.
There we set a course using the coordinates we had been given earlier - and set off leaving the Romulan ship stranded in space.
On our arrival at the coordinates, there was nothing to be seen except for empty space and stars.
We carried out scans of the area and initially found nothing.
Then Science reported a strong localised source of tachyon particles in our immediate locality. 
Capt Bravin announced that the source of those tachyon particles could be from a cloaked ship - and called a Yellow Alert.
It was then that Cmdr T'Preea's absence from the Bridge became apparent. 
Having first checked with Security, Capt Bravin enquired of the ship's computer of the whereabouts of Cmdr T'Preea.
The surprise response from the ship's computer was that " Commander T'Preea is no longer aboard" !
It seemed that the implementation of the yellow alert had not been quick enough.
This was confirmed by the receipt of a communication from the cloaked ship saying that
" In case you are wondering where your Commander T'Preea is .....We have taken her - as unlike you, we still believe her to be a rogue operative and should face charges of espionage".
We tried to communicate back to the cloaked ship, but received no response. 
Science then reported that neutrino emissions had just been detected, indicating that the cloaked ship had gone to warp. Analysis of the ship's warp signature identified the ship as being Klingon.
Capt Bravin ordered Science and Helm to work together to see if we might be able to follow the Klingon ship's warp trail.......
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt. David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr. T'Preea Stro -  Executive Officer
Lt Cmdr Slash Goddard - Operations
Lt. May Spring - Science Officer
(Photos taken by Capt Bravin)

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