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USS Einstein “Kangaroo Court” Mission 240325

Our XO T'Preea was teleported from the Bridge of the USS Einstein onto a Klingon Bird of Prey. The ship then went to warp before we could react.

See USS Einstein "Abduction" Mission 240311


T'Preea found that she had been abducted by a group of Pirates and rogue Klingons who took her to a planet.

There she found herself being accused of various unfounded allegations of being a renegade, by what could only be described as a Kangaroo Court. 

Not surprisingly her main accuser was none other than the pirate Ray Dixon - who made the same allegations against her as he did previously at a Tribunal aboard Galileo Station on star date 230717

See USS Einstein "Tribunal" Mission 230717

Despite T'Preea explaining that she had been cleared by the Tribunal of any wrongdoing, Ray Dixon dismissed the Tribunal's findings, as they were made (as he put it) by her "Starfleet friends''.

He therefore made the same allegations once again - which T'Preea tried to defend and explain her actions. 

The female Klingon then made an allegation against T'Preea, to the effect that she had eavesdropped on a Klingon delegation, whilst on their way to a conference on Maranga IV - and had thereby managed to scupper their plans.

Other allegations were also made against T'Preea.

Regardless of what T'Preea said in her defence, it was clear that the "Court" had made up its mind in advance.

T'Preea was found guilty as charged and sentenced to hard labour on the planet  Rura Penthe - and confined until her transportation. 




Group Photo :

T'Preea Stro - XO USS Einstein

Ray Dixon - Pirate

Slash Goddard - Pirate

Salsa Tinkerbell - Pirate

May Spring - rogue Klingon

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