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Security Log – Galileo Station 230308
Security Log – Galileo Station Stardate 230308   Disturbance: Two
Moral Statute Machine
John Spartan, you are fined one credit for a violation
Academy Awards SD230206
Personal Log - Ensign Lacy Underall - SD230206   I
Stem Bolts and Sunshine SD230201
Personal Log - Ensign Lacy Underall - SD230201 I was
Passing Gas – SD230118
Personal Log - Lacy Underall - Stardate 230118   So
Taking Stock: SD230113
Captain's Log - Capt. Ellemir Maven - Stardate 230113  
Welcome aboard
Chief Science Log: Stardate 230113   Today I met with
Intelligence Chief Log #1
Stardate 230113 As of 0800 hours this morning, I reported
Into Darkness
Captain's log, Stardate 230108.66   A week ago we launched