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USS Einstein “The Final Rescue” Mission 240429

Having detected a single Vulcan life sign on the planet Xantippe IV, which we hoped to be that of our XO T'Preea, we prepared to beam down to the surface
With phasers to the ready, we beamed down near where the Vulcan life sign had been detected, in the hope of securing a rescue.
We materialised just outside what turned out to be an old abandoned castle
On going inside the castle, to our surprise, we were met by the pirate Ray Dixon.
He seemed amused to see us - calling us fools for letting him out of the Brig. 
Ray Dixon ordered that we put down our weapons, else he would detonate the quantity of explosives that were behind him. 
Once we had put down our weapons, Ray Dixon ran off, making his escape.
We searched the castle and eventually found Our XO T'Preea in one of the upper rooms.
There T'Preea explained what had happened since her abduction, in that a Kangaroo Court headed by Ray Dixon had sentenced her to spend the rest of her life in a Klingon penal colony.  
We then realised that T'Preea was being held in a forcefield.
After several attempts we managed to free T'Preea from the forcefield.
We then contacted the ship and we were all beamed back up.
After a shower and wearing a clean uniform, T'Preea joined us on the Bridge.
Once all stations were ready, we left orbit.
Tactical announced that scanners had detected a ship on a collision course.
The ship turned out to be a Klingon Bird of Prey - which hailed us. 
We then heard the now familiar voice of Ray Dixon threatening us.
We went to Red Alert just in time as we were fired upon.
We returned phaser fire and carried out evasive maneuvers.
The Bird of Prey continued firing. 
We then fired  torpedoes.
The Bird of Prey exploded.
Perhaps a fitting end to Ray Dixon and his band of rogue Klingons. 
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt. David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr. T'Preea Stro -  Executive Officer
Lt. May Spring - Science Officer
Lt. Salsa - Tactical Officer
Ray Dixon - Pirate
Photos taken by Lt. Salsa

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