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USS Defiant, Location: USS Defiant, Eos Sector, Nebula Omicron-7, stardate 231213.73
The echoes of our recent meeting with Captain Anya'li and
USS Defiant, Mission: Echos of the Fallen, stardate 240117
 =^= Intercom crackles throughout the ship=^=     Alright, crew,
USS Tempest, Swift Decisions, Lasting Consequences, stardate 240221
Captain's Log, The last few weeks have been a whirlwind.
USS Einstein “Hostages” Mission 240219
    Not having found any of the Scientists and
USS Einstein “Ice Station” Mission 240212
    Capt Bravin told the crew that he had
USS Einstein “Free Dixon” Mission 240205
    We met once again in the Command Room