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USS Einstein “Ice Station” Mission 240212


Capt Bravin told the crew that he had been informed by Starfleet Command that communications had been lost with a Research and Monitoring Station that is on a remote frozen planet in the Anubis star system.

Concerns had been expressed about the Scientists and Engineers that work and live there, as well as about some of the work they have been doing recently.
As such the USS Einstein was to go to the planet and make contact with the Scientists and Engineers and ascertain the cause of the communications failure and of the nature of their work. 

We left the Command Room and went to the Bridge.
Once everyone was ready, OPs contacted Galileo Station and obtained permission for us to leave. 
We went to Blue alert, retracted our moorings and engaged thrusters. 
Once clear of the Space Station, we headed out of the Ircassian system on impulse power. 
Helm set course for the Anubis star system and then engaged our warp engines and we set off at warp 5. 
On arriving at the  Anubis star system, we headed to the furthermost planet, where we took up a geosynchronous orbit. 
Scans of the planet confirmed it to be cold and icy, with a breathable atmosphere.  
OPs tried contacting the Research and Monitoring Station, but did not receive any response. 
Although scans did not detect any active life signs, it was possible that they could be shielded by the high ice covered mountains.
We therefore left the Bridge and went to the Transporter Room, from where we beamed down to the  Research and Monitoring Station   
Once inside the Research and Monitoring Station, there was no sign of the Scientists and Engineers that should have been working there.
Science started looking at the array of consoles that were monitoring various conditions on the planet and of its molten core. 
Although there was a Shuttlecraft parked at the Station, it soon became apparent that it had been gutted. 
As we were all feeling the effects of the cold, we beamed back to the ship to consider what we had found. 
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr T'Preea Stro -  Executive Officer
Lt Cmdr Slash Godard - Operations Officer
Ensign May Spring - Science Officer
Ensign Salsa - Security Officer
(Photos taken by Ensign Salsa)

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