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USS Einstein “Free Dixon” Mission 240205

We met once again in the Command Room aboard the USS Einstein. 
There Capt Bravin gave a recap of the previous USS Einstein "Framed" mission 
A discussion followed as to whether or not to release Ray Dixon from the Brig aboard Galileo Station; since he had  assured us that if we were to help arrange his immediate release, he would be able to track down whoever was responsible for sending the Christmas present. 
A number of different views were put forward regarding his release, mostly involving whether or not Ray Dixon could be trusted. However we could not see how we would be able to track down the culprits without Ray Dixon's help.
We decided that we should go again to Galileo Station and speak to him again.
We made our way to the Brig aboard Galileo Station.
There we went to see Ray Dixon in his cell and explained that we needed to speak further with him.
Under the circumstances, we decided that it would be easier if Ray Dixon was not inside his cell. 
Security having released him from the cell, we all went into the adjoining room.
There we explained to Ray Dixon that we were considering whether to arrange his release so that he could find the culprit/s. But first we wanted him to tell us who he thought might be responsible. 
Reluctantly Ray Dixon named Elizabeth Morgan and reminded us that it was her that had been firing on his ship when we came to his assistance, and he felt that she had not forgiven us for that. 
Having agreed that we would release him, provided he kept us informed of his progress - Ray Dixon then started saying that that the culprit could of course be a member of our crew, as they would have the ideal opportunity of exchanging his Christmas present for one of their own - and that many of the crew would have their own personal motives for wanting to kill the Captain ! 
We then took Ray Dixon to the main Shuttle Bay and put him aboard a waiting shuttle to take him down to the Colony. 
We wondered if we had made the right decision, especially when Ray Dixon thanked us for trusting him and bid us farewell with a wry smile.  
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr T'Preea Stro -  Executive Officer
Lt Cmdr Slash Godard - Operations Officer
Ensign May Spring - Science Officer
Ensign Salsa - Security Officer
(Photos taken by Ensign Salsa)

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