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USS Einstein “Ceti Alpha” Mission 231106 

After a Briefing meeting in the Command Room aboard the USS Einstein, we made our way to the Bridge and took up our stations.
We left orbit of the planet Verne and set course for the nearby Ceti Alpha system.
On arriving at the Ceti Alpha system we made our way to its solitary planet and took up a standard orbit. 
The majority of the surface area of the planet was covered in water. However we were able to identify an island and send the coordinates to the Transporter Room.
After leaving the Bridge in the capable hands of other members of the crew, we headed for the Transporter Room and beamed down to the surface of the island near the water's edge. 
We followed a pathway that led us to what might best be described as a "fairy tale" land.
At one stage we found ourselves by the side of many giant brightly coloured mushrooms. 
The pathway led to a communal building, which we took a look at inside.
Going back outside, we saw an interesting open circular "classical" structure which we headed towards. 
In the centre of the open circular "classical" structure was a large glass-like object.
Our Operations Officer, Lt Slash Godard, went up and touched the large glass-like object and was pulled inside - and then suddenly disappeared.
We looked around the immediate area, but could see no sign of Lt Godard.
We contacted the ship to see whether he had beamed back aboard. 
The reply that we received from the ship was most disturbing - as well as not being on board the ship, scans showed no sign of Lt Godard on the planet !
Just as we were wondering what to do next, Lt Godard reappeared.
However, his appearance had changed dramatically - he was now an old man !
"Lt Godard" explained that for him 40 years had passed, whereas for us he had only been gone for a few minutes. 
Although "Lt Godard" said that he felt okay, I decided that he should immediately  return to the ship to get checked over in SickBay. 
"Lt Godard" was beamed directly to SickBay where he was given a full diagnostic scan.
The results from the scan raised a number of questions.
A full report on what happened is awaited from "Lt Godard".
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr T'Preea - XO / Chief Science Officer
Lt Slash Godard - Operations Officer
Ensign May Spring - Science Officer
Ensign Salsa - Security Officer
( Photos taken by Ensign Salsa )

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