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USS Einstein “A Taste of Tomorrow” Mission 231120


In the Command Room aboard the USS Einstein, Capt Bravin reminded everyone about what had happened down on the planet Ceti Alpha.
 (See USS Einstein "Ceti Alpha" Mission 231106)
Capt Bravin then asked Lt Godard to tell everyone what happened once he had entered the glass object down on the planet, then what happened whilst he had been "away" (for 40 years for him) and how he managed to return a few minutes later (for us) looking much older. 
Lt Godard explained that when he stepped into the glass object - it turned out to be a portal which transported him into another existence - which had an almost identical reality to the one he had just left.
He found that he was on what seemed to be the same planet with the glass object, along with similar crew members from the ship.
He continued to serve in Starfleet,  where after 10 years he shifted his attention to Engineering for the next 30 years. 
At one point it was decided to return to the portal, which he stepped through again and returned to our reality - although some 40 years older. 
Lt Godard answered a number of questions from the crew. 
Ensign Salsa asked if he remembered everything that he had experienced over those past 40 years - which Lt Godard confirmed he did, adding that although some foods were delicious whilst others weren't available. 
Following up on a comment from Capt Bravin (who wondered if we had the "real" Lt Godard with us, or his "other self" from the other reality with us) our Chief Science Officer, Cmdr T'Preea was keen to ask Lt Godard if he intended to try and change our timeline and create a temporal paradox - to which he replied that he was not, and would try and do his utmost not to effect the future. 
After more questioning of Lt Godard, the discussion turned on Lt Godard's physical appearance - which he confirmed that he would prefer to have his youthful looks back (which would help with him being accepted back as his previous self).
Capt Bravin noted that when Lt Godard was on the BioBed in Sickbay, the Medical Computer showed an image of his previous youthful self and wondered if some medical procedure could be performed to restore that appearance. 
Cmdr T'Preea said that it should be possible for Lt Godard to be sent back to the planet by the transporter and before he materializes for him to be brought back so that the Genome may restore him to his previous self due to the pattern in the buffers. 
Other suggestions were considered, along with their pitfalls.
It was finally agreed to try Cmdr T'Preea's suggestion of using the teleporter first - but if it didn't work then try the medical procedure. 
We all went to the Transporter Room, where Lt Godard stepped onto a teleporter pad and Cmdr T'Preea teleported him to the planet. Then before he materialised brought him back again. 
The teleportation procedure was successful - and we were all pleased to welcome back Lt Godard, looking like his previous youthful self. 
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr T'Preea - XO / Chief Science Officer
Lt Slash Godard - Operations Officer
Ensign May Spring - Science Officer
Ensign Salsa - Security Officer
Photos by Ensign Salsa

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