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USS Einstein “Framed” Mission 240129

We met as usual in the Command Room aboard the USS Einstein. 
There Capt Bravin gave a recap of the previous mission 
see  USS Einstein "Christmas Present" Mission 240115                                                                                    
Capt Bravin then explained that the Intel and  the Captain of Galileo Station were contacted and informed about what had happened, in case the incident had been part of a much larger terrorist act.
However the response received was that no other Ships or the Station had been affected.
It was therefore concluded that the USS Einstein had been specifically targeted.
A discussion then followed linking Galileo Station who might hold a grudge against Capt Bravin and/or the USS Einstein.
One name came to the fore - the pirate Ray Dixon, who was currently in the Brig on Galileo Station.
It was therefore decided that the USS Einstein should return to Galileo Station and that Ray Dixon be "interviewed". 
We left the Command Room and went to the Bridge and took up our stations.
When all was ready, Helm set course for Galileo Station and we set off at warp 2. 
We soon arrived at Galileo Station and once we received permission, we docked. 
We then left the ship and  made our way to Galileo Station and then to the Brig. 
There we found Ray Dixon sitting down in one of the cells, looking bored.
After exchanging "pleasantries" we questioned Ray Dixon about the Christmas Box that had been delivered to the USS Einstein whilst the crew were on shore leave over the Christmas and New Year holiday period - and which had burst into flames when opened. 
Eventually Ray Dixon admitted sending a Christmas present in the hope that we would put in a good word for him regarding his pending release.
However he later learned that one or two of his enemies had intercepted his Christmas present and replaced it with one of their own - which when opened had burst into flames.
They had also put an explosive device inside their Christmas box, but had deliberately made it to malfunction so as not to cause much harm or damage. Their purpose being that Ray Dixon would then be blamed for a failed attempt to kill the Captain or damage the USS Einstein.
When questioned further about exactly who the perpetrators were, Ray Dixon was as usual evasive, saying that it could be one of many - which knowing his background as a pirate, we tended to believe him. 
Ray Dixon then assured us that if we were to help arrange his immediate release, he would be able to track down whoever was responsible - which we decided to give some careful consideration.
Group Photo of the crew :-
Capt David7 Bravin - Commanding Officer
Cmdr T'Preea Stro - Operations Officer
Ensign May Spring - Science Officer
Ensign Salsa - Security Officer
Ray Dixon - Pirate. 
(Photos taken by Ensign Salsa)

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