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Starfleet∞ Civilian Handbook

Background & Information for Civilians

by Keely Scrumptious — Posted in Manuals on Jan 13, 2023

Starfleet Infinity is more than starships running missions. We encompass a federation colony linked to a space station in a remote star system.

This manual will refer to those members (or potential members) of Starfleet Infinity who do not wish to serve in the Fleet. Civilians fall into one (or more) categories:
• friends of Starfleet Infinity who wish to be informed of activities & events;
• members who undertake an administrative role in support of the organization;
• members who wish to participate in brainstorming, projects;
• members willing to organize or host activities;
• members who would like to roleplay a character at the Colony.

Code of Conduct

Please see the Starfleet Infinity Operations Manual for overall philosophy and guidelines for conduct.

Out of Character Information

Starfleet Infinity is a full immersion 3D virtual roleplay game played in SecondLife and the Open Simulator format on ZetaWorlds. Mission outlines are designed to allow improvised plot and character development. Missions are played on starships, alien vessels, space stations and alien planets. Casual, immersive roleplay may take place on the planet surface in the Colony and surrounding areas.

Who we are

Humans and others from the allied races of the United Federation of Planets. Sent to this location due to its proximity to unexplored space. Given the distance from Sector 001, establishing a far-flung Colony with its own infrastructure was considered wise. The Colony is young, there may be tensions with the inhabitants of other planets in the Ircassian system as well as with its neighbours.

Where we are

450 LY from Earth
Alpha Quadrant

SARLEA PRIME (Ircassia-5)
Class M Planet, 97% Oceanic
0.6 x Earth’s radius, gravity=0.8

On the Eridian Archipelago


Lyonesse Sector is located hundreds of light years from Earth on the Scutum-Centaurus galactic arm within the Alpha Quadrant. One of the several planetary systems in the Sector, lying just a light year or two spinward from the Sector border, is called Sarlea, after the name of the inhabitants of Ircassia-5, a lush Class M water planet. The system's location gives access to great swaths of unexplored space as well as numerous anomalies and nebulas for study.

Lyonesse Colony was established on Sarlea Prime just one year ago. It sits on Tygresse Island at the tip of the Eridian Archipelago, surrounded by Sarlea's vast, gorgeous, Sea of Serendipity. Starbase Sarlea is located at Lyonesse Colony and serves as the ground command and headquarters for Starfleet Infinity, in liaison with the Commanding Officers of Galileo Station and the starships deployed here. It offers a wide variety of services and support.

Galileo Station was constructed three years ago, after the Sarleans joined the Federation and asked for assistance in protecting their system from alien poachers and pirates. Once the station was complete, ship building began, and a small Fleet of exploration, patrol and science ships now call Sarlea home base. Further to this, an application was made and approved for a land-based headquarters on the planet surface. A choice area of land was donated to Starfleet and the major components of the build were completed over the past year.

What had started as a small base in a far-flung area of space now had become a fully-fledged Colony. Starfleet Command recruited a veteran of deep space exploration and an ex-starship captain to command the Sector and Colony: Admiral Keely Scrumptious.

Along with its teams of scientists —astronomers, physicists, exobiologists, xeno-linguists, archeologists, etc— Lyonesse experimentally includes a strong core of artists, writers, composers and musicians, founding an arts community of Federation species at the edge of known space. This is part of Scrumptious' personal mandate of creating a cultural outpost to harmonize and balance the pure sciences and practical engineering flavour that typifies other Federation colonies in their start-up phase. Generational colonies tend to develop this kind of balance over time. Lyonesse was seeded to accelerate its evolution.

Although they have been members of the Federation for only a few years, most Sarleans applauded the placement of the colony on their planet and feel their families and children will be better off with the protection of the Galileo Station in orbit around their planet. Those who would prefer a more independent government are few but sometimes vocal.

Curiously, although the Sarleans claim they have lived on the planet for centuries and evolved themselves similar to humans, there are few remains or historical texts for most of that history. And linguistically their natural language is acoustically different than many others and has more vowels, particularly deep tones.

Part of the mission of Starbase Sarlea will be to study archeology and linguistics in the Lyonesse Sector and beyond. Personnel at the Colony tend to be civilian artisans and creative souls as well as those providing administrative services to Starfleet

The Colony includes designated buildings such as: Colony Headquarters & Welcome Centre
Lyonesse Art Gallery
Shooting Star Dance Club
Linguistics Laboratory
Science Laboratories
Banquet Hall
Sarlea Starbase Cafe
Long Range Antenna

Civilian Role #1 - Non-Roleplaying Member

This is a Starfleet Infinity member who doesn’t wish to roleplay as a civilian (or Fleet), but will be attending events & activities and/or helping out with administrative or organizational functions. Or it could just be a friend who wishes to be a member and look in from time to time. Other than the jobs you’ve promised to do, there are no requirements of a civilian member and your membership will last for eons. In the SI Civilian Group they will wear the tag: Sarlea OOC.

Civilian Role #2 - Roleplay Character

This is someone who has decided they’d like to undertake to roleplay someone at the Colony or on Sarlea Prime. It could be someone from Earth or one of the allied planets. It could be a local Sarlean. Think back to DS9 and the various civilians aboard the station. It could be Sarlean planetary government representative, or a Sarlean constable, or a tailor, or someone who runs a club, etc. These kinds of characters need to have a background story that fits within the context of the colony. They can roleplay with others, they can write stories or logs for the forum. It can be as simple as going to the coffee stand to moan about the overtime they’ve been doing, or as complex as insisting the Sector Commander adhere to local religious beliefs. In the SI Civilian Group they will wear the tag: Sarlea Roleplayer (further designations might be made in future). They will wear something representative of their character’s position at the Colony. If they have a Starfleet-specific role they may be given a civilian uniform to wear.

Civilian Roleplayers may RP in the Colony at any time, if anyone is on the region and interested in RPing. The Sector Commander may, from time to time, organize a specific roleplay for those who’d like to have a focussed ‘mission’ of sorts.

Both OOCs and RCs are very welcome to attend and participate in the missions that take place on the station and ships. In fact a list of willing extras to play all sorts of characters from time to time is definitely wanted! Please contact the CO or XO in advance to find out what they need.

Both may attend Dances, Mind Melds, Brainstorming Sessions, Art Gallery Openings, Boldly Go Trekking Lecture Series, and so on.

As a Civilian, Sector Commander Alia Soulstar is the person to talk to about your level of involvement and your interests. Really it’s the creativity and ideas of each individual that adds to the collective spirit of Lyonesse.

Make sure to watch your notices, and check the Upcoming Event list at Lyonesse HQ at the Colony or the online schedule on the calendar